Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sisterhood of the traveling Fro's


Long time no conversing. Since my last entry I graduated college, acquired a new path to my professional career, and I will soon boast a new address. In short, life is good, and as I am transitioning to the future my hair is along for the ride. As of lately, the journey has been less turbulent and almost enjoyable.
My appreciation for my hair evolution is inspired by the unsolicited
positive responses garnered from my fellow Black women. Perhaps I am extremely
grateful for the random commendations as of recently, because in the past, I felt
that Black women were among my harshest critics. These days, it seems that the occasional passer
will offer a word of encouragement or compliment to reinforce my mother's sentiments that I should walk tall,
even at four feet and eleven inches.

Natural hair or not, there is power behind affirmations, even if conveyed to a stranger.
So to the random sistas that have given me reason to smile, thank you. I will make it a priority to pay it forward.

Girl power,
First lady

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WALE + Natural Women = All Love!

For all of you have never heard Wale's Attention Deficit, I hope this video serves as inspiration to check it out. In arguably the album's best track "Diary" Wale explores the complicated issue of Black women's pain, through the eyes of a beautiful natural young lady. Peep the video and comment!!

Good Lookin Sharpe Bartoo!

- First Lady

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is How They See Me? The Confirmation of Natural Hair Insecurities

After meeting up with some friends in Chicago, we decided to visit “Dick’s Last Resort”, a Bar and Grill whose theme encourages rudeness to patrons. Knowledgeable of this, we decided to play along with the theme. We were pelted with balls of napkins prior to being seated, the waiter yelled at us, rushed us while taking orders, but it was all laughable.
Unfortunately, the evening took a nose-dive after the waiter elected to create the first hat for the only woman with visibly coarse hair at the table, myself. I guess its appropriate to now mention that we were a party of six young Black people, the only African Americans in the entire establishment at the time. He placed the hat on my head, and I amusingly allowed it to stay, until I felt an uncomfortable glare from the rest of my tablemates. I then decided to take it off and read its contents. The hat said, “STOP CALLING ME BUCKWHEAT DAMMIT !!”. I then transformed from amused, to embarrassed, to finally angered.
Sensing my hostility, our party decided to leave, but not without speaking with the manager. The manager was outraged on our behalf, and pleaded for us to remain, however were unconvinced. He offered us free dessert and a different waiter, yet we still refused to stay. His final compromise consisted of our entire meal being packed into take out boxes and completely on the house. We conceded, after acknowledging that this incident was bigger than meal, hoping he’d understand that free food were the least of our concerns. Nonetheless, I just don’t think the Manager, nor the waiter understood.
Nevermind the historical significance of Buckwheat, a known “Picaninny” character which symbolized the degradation of African Americans. I fail to understand why there is such a complete obliviousness to the fine line that is crossed as it relates to comedy, and complete distaste. The worse part is when others attempt to dismiss your discomfort, as mere sensitivity.
Most of us can attest to how difficult it is to transition from relaxed to Natural hair can be an extremely difficult one. Not simply because you are unaware of what to do to your hair, but also because people tend to consistently, even if unconsciously remind you that your hair in its original state, is undesirable. Although this was an affirms a bigger of racial insensitivity, I had to share this because it evoked every emotional insecurity I have encountered throughout this process, but I never imagined it would be evoked by a business establishment. I'm not broken, but it the incident did crack my surface ... guess it goes to show I am not as invincible as I thought I was.

FYI: I have contacted the corporate office and I am currently I am awaiting their response.

Thanks for letting me vent.

First Lady.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Divine Intervention: My first Natural Hair Care Visit!!

Apparently my previous post made it appear that I was on uppers because everyone was interested in the outcome of my visit! So for your reading pleasures here you go!

I walked into my 1:30 appointment around 1:20 where the Manager informed me I could go straight back, shockingly. I literally have never had that happen, in all my years of having my hair done professionally. I was greeted my the same enthusiastic young lady who gave me a consultation the day before. She informed me that she was going to do a deep condition,a hot oil treatment, trim, to begin the restoration process.

After the preface she got to work, obviously beginning with the deep conditioning. She engaged in light conversation and informed about every single product she would be using and its purpose. In between conditioning she also "massaged" the knots out of my hair so the combing process wouldn't be too abrasive. Afterwards she placed me under the dryer with a towel on my head. She explained that because my hair is mostly curly, it loses moisture easily, and the towel would retain the nutrients of the oik treatment she based in my scalp. Noticing it would be difficult to cut my hair in its natural state, she decided it would have to be lightly blown, to give its past due trim. Before she began to apply the light heat, she combed my hair from the ends, then to the scalp. Astonishingly only 2 strokes were needed to sufficiently smoothly move my hands through my hair. (SUITE!!)

To her surprise, my hair was significantly longer on one side, than the other. Thankfully she gave me an option to slowly trim it into a consistent length or let it all go now, I opted for the latter. Like I said to her, its a psychological attachment. Anywho, after she straightened, she proceeded to knot it, neatly, and sat me under the dryer, and I took the responsibility of taking the knots out. It was a little more difficult than I thought, and I didn't get the knots loose when I first took them out, but I was happy with the results.


Pre Shaken After!! (Discard the part lol)

Overall the experience was enjoyable,affordable, and I am excited about going back. If your ever in Columbus please check her out!!

Thanks Paris!

Monday, March 22, 2010


It's only appropriate we disappear for the Winter and reemerge for the Spring Season!! So I'm home in the C.O for Spring Break and my Mom hooked me up with a Natural hair care specialist for a consultation. I walked into Salon One awaiting the typical "oh I can't do nothin with that ... " response and I was taken aback. Not only did the young lady tell me my hair was beautiful, but she also informed me that she look forward in aiding me in my journey to take my hair wherever I want it to go. I set up an appointment for tommorow, and I left with a Koolaid grin.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm so delighted, especially when I have no clue about what this chick is about to do to my hair. Nonetheless, I am excited that someone didn't dismiss my complicated ends as they usually do. I know, that's minimal, probably insignificant ... but it meant a lot to me. So I'll make sure to keep you all updated. YUP!!

This is how I looked!!